Spinacea oleracea, or is it?

A few quick questions about everyone’s favorite dark green leafy vegetable.

1. Is spinach higher in iron than other leafy vegetables?

2. What famous cartoon character ate a can of spinach to gain instant strength?

3. Spinach is related to which of the following crops: beet, carrot, or chard?

4. Where does over half of the country’s spinach production occur?

5. What high profile, Organic processor of spinach is being linked to the recent outbreak of E. coli in 19 states that have lead to one death and over 100 illnesses?

6. What California industry was warned over a year ago by the FDA to clean up their act regarding food safety?

I’m currently working on a piece addressing the recent E. coli outbreak resulting from contaminated bagged spinach and why organic may not always be organic (how did contaminated irrigation water get on certified organic crops) and why buying locally grown produce may have helped prevent this situation (or at least limited its extent).

1. No; 2. Popeye the Sailor Man; 3. beet and chard; 4. California; 5. Natural Selections, LLC; 6. The California spinach industry located in the Salinas valley,of course!


About Farmer Mike Biltonen

Mike Biltonen is lifelong farmer with a passion for great tasting, sustainably grown food. He also has an opinion and this blog is his soapbox. But mostly he just likes to farm. Enjoy!
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