Pushing the Envelope

Imagine if Steve Jobs had not made the leap from calligraphy to computer graphics. Imagine if Phil Knight had not thought of Nike as more than a running shoe company. Imagine if Washington state apple growers had thought of themselves only as Red Delicious apple growers. Imagine if New York apple growers decided to throw in the towel simply because Washington state growers could do it bigger and cheaper. Imagine if……

Pushing the envelope is just a cute way of saying “innovation.” The only really great things in life have come from those that have pushed the envelope, created something truly extraordinary, and changed people’s lives.

Just imagine if Red Jacket Orchards had decided to just grow apples instead of innovating and growing all the really great summer fruits and producing all those really great juices.

Just Imagine. Strive each day to be better than yesterday. Innovate, innovate, innovate…


About Farmer Mike Biltonen

Mike Biltonen is lifelong farmer with a passion for great tasting, sustainably grown food. He also has an opinion and this blog is his soapbox. But mostly he just likes to farm. Enjoy!
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