Keep On, Keepin’ On

Farming, more than any other endeavor, lives and dies by the weather. So do many farmers. That’s why you’ll hear us either talking, revering, or complaining about it…usually the latter. “It’s too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too windy…or some combination thereof.” It is weather that dictates the day to day activities on a farm, and, that in a matter of minutes (in the case of hail), can take away everything you’ve worked for all season. Yet we continue to farm. Why? Most people would simply give up.

Well, in a few words, because we love it. We have a passion for it. Oh sure, we love to hate it at times, what with bad weather, flat tires, broken tractors, and deep mud. But we still love it. We get up before the dawn and go to bed long after the sun’s gone down. We work long hours in the hopes that this year will be better than the last. And we do it because we love it (did I say that already?). In my case, I do it knowing that the effort myself and everyone at Red Jacket Orchards puts into their work is a passion; its effort towards a greater end goal: A passion to grow and purvey the best tasting, healthiest, and sustainably grown fruit and juices around. To see one of our customers thoroughly enjoy a Red Jacket fresh apple or glass of our hot spiced cider is what it is all about. To be sure, there are a lot easier ways to make a living, but there’s only a few ways to get this kind of euphoric rush from something truly great to  eat or drink.

So, regardless of the weather today, tomorrow, or the next day, I’ll be getting up before the dawn to do it all over again. Hope to see you there!


About Farmer Mike Biltonen

Mike Biltonen is lifelong farmer with a passion for great tasting, sustainably grown food. He also has an opinion and this blog is his soapbox. But mostly he just likes to farm. Enjoy!
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